The Chiofaro Papers – Boston’s Seaport District Real Estate

Seaport District developments of the real estate flavor of sour greenway italian ice.

After reading several posts about the ongoing build out of the Seaport District as an innovation hub in Boston.  I have realized that Boston’s New Waterfront was not only in a state of growth but also flux.

Fallon and Mayor Menino vs Don Chiofaro how about an olive branch;  It just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense with a plan as described by Don Chiofaro in the video below why we don’t rid the  city of that eyesore of a parking garage and replace it with these gorgeous skyscrapers to bring some beauty and life to the area around the Aquarium.  Also check out this post about the project by clicking here

While Fallon has been given more opportunity not only financially supported by questionable funding but politically as well to be the king of Fan Pier and the new Boston waterfront, Chiofaro has been left fighting every step of the way.  In my opinion his project will be on hold as long as the current Mayor is in office.

Let’s also not forget that the Seaport District does include East Boston as well…

Media Crush has been developing a cluster of targeted geo specific sites focused on the New Boston Waterfront including the Seaport District, Fan Pier and East Boston.   These sites are a resource, great for location based advertising and to push web to mobile consumer actions.